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                2020-01-13 09:06:47  每日学英语

                Mike: Hey, Amanda, have you heard of the newonline computer game? It's called Skullfire and it'sall the rage right now!


                Amanda: Actually, I have heard of it. Isn't that thegame where you go around and just shoot people? Itseems like a pretty pointless game to me.


                Mike: You're kidding, right? I can spend hours playing that game. Besides, what better use isthe Internet?


                Amanda: Um, let's see, off the top of my head there's checking your e-mail and looking upcurrent news headlines. You could even do some online shopping. The Internet is like a virtuallibrary, where you can get your hands on almost any kind of information you're looking for. Howcan you be so ignorant?

                阿曼达:嗯,我的第一选择Ψ 就是上网查看e-mail或阅读当前的◤头条新闻。你还⊙可以网上购物。此外,互联网就像是一个虚拟图书馆,在那里你可以得到几乎任何你想要的信息。你怎么这么孤陋寡闻?

                Mike: Since you're such an expert, what sort of things do you suggest I look up?


                Amanda: Well, a considerable problem right now is a lack of natural resources and a rise ingas prices. Why don't you go online and try to understand the situation better? You shouldreally try to keep up with current events.


                Mike: I keep up with current events! I read the newspaper every day!


                Amanda: Does it still count if you only read the comics and skim the articles?


                Mike: It's not my fault that current events are boring.






                1. pointless adj. 无意义的

                例句:I've already made up my mind; it's pointlessto argue with me. 我已下定了决心,再和我争论没什么意义了。

                2. ignorant adj. 不知道的、无知的、愚昧的

                例句:He was ignorant of the fact that the schoolwas closed for the day. 他不知道今天◥学校不开门。

                3. skim v. 浏览;略读

                例句:She forgot to study, so she had to skim over her material five minutes before the test. 她忘了复习,所以不得∮不在考前五分钟把参考资料再浏览一下。

                4. all the rage 风行一时;流行

                例句:This new cell phone is all the rage right now. 这款手机是目前最流行的款式。

                5. get one's hands on... 获得……;得到……

                例句:I get my hands on the newest model of laptop. 我拿到最新款的笔记本了。