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                  1. What foreign languages have you studied?

                  English. Knowing English means more opportunities while you’re hunting a job in China. Practice makes perfect. Normally I practice oral English by finding conversation partners, either over the internet via Skype, or in the local community.


                  2. Would you say it's a difficult language to learn?

                  English is a beautiful language to learn but it provides a challenge. Languages are cumulative and everything you learn from day one builds upon itself. English grammar can be rather complicated. Pronunciation can be difficult as well.

                  英语是一门美丽的语言但学起来也有挑战。语言是靠日∩积月累的,每天所学的东西都会积累起→来。英语语法很∑ 复杂。发音也挺难的。

                  3. Do Chinese people have many chances to practice oral English?

                  No. Most of us barely have the opportunities to practice speaking. When you find a face-to-face person to work or live together you can practice your oral English and teach your partner Chinese as an exchange.


                  4. Do you think it's important to know more than one language?

                  Yes. Knowing another language helps you to understand people of other cultures not just verbally but socially. Also, in a growing global economy knowing more than one language gives you more opportunities.


                  5. What is the most difficult part about studying a foreign language?

                  Grammar rules are hard to remember especially when there’s a huge gap between the mother language and the 2nd language. But the most important of all is determination, though it has nothing to do with the language itself, it really is the thing that decides how fast you are going to learn a language.


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