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                PART FOURQuestions 21 -35. Read this advertisement.. Choose the best word to fill each gap.. For each question (... [查看全文]


                Read this text about a Japanese company.. In most of the lines (36-40) there is one extra word which does not... [查看全文]


                PART TWOQuestions 8-12Read this memorandum.Choose the lest sentence from the list A-I to fill each of the blanks.... [查看全文]


                You are going to spend holidays in Hawaii in June. Suddenly you received a letter from an important customer,Mr.... [查看全文]


                二. WRITINGPART ONEQuestion 46the staff in your office decided to spend holidays together this year. While reading... [查看全文]


                PART FOURQuestions 21-35Read this text about a British business.Choose the best word to fill each gap.For each qu... [查看全文]


                PART THREEQuestions 13-20.Read this letter alert explanation of business problems , and answer the questions that ... [查看全文]


                一. READINGPART ONEQuestions 1-7Read these sentences and the following new reports.Which country does each sentence... [查看全文]


                出一个与题前中文意思相同的单词.1. 温驯的 a.rude b.generous c.tame d.fame2. 点头 a.vanish b.spy c.howl d.nod3. 愤怒 a.w... [查看全文]


                找出与中∞括号内单词意义相近的单词:1. She became [stout] as she grew older.a.tall b.fat c.stiff d.rude2. We [scraped] ... [查看全文]