Automating Processes in the Hotel Sector through Enterprise Resource Planning

Automating Processes in the Hotel Sector through Enterprise Resource Planning

7 March, 2017

Owing to the increased productivity and efficiency that Enterprise Resource Planning (erp) software provide to their client companies, the hotel sector is rapidly embracing the technology with both startups and five star hotels taking up the software. Hotels are not unique as far as various activities such as billing, accounting and supplies are concerned. They can therefore take up any ERP that provides these services. However, there are other unique activities such as room booking and room keeping.

The hospitality industry is really fragmented. A fully fledged hotel needs different information systems to handle booking, accounting, room keeping, maintenance, supplies and the vast human resource. ERP provides a centralized management of all these information systems so that the managers can easily forecast and gain insight from all the departments. Below are some of the most sought for ERP software for the hotel sector:


The software is designed for both small and large organizations. It can track down room balances, billing as well as invoicing. The system is also used in managing employee payrolls so that the accountant has an easy task in renumerating all the staff working at the hotel. NetSuite accepts multiple currencies.

Sage Live Software

Sage Live software has both an offline and online adaptability. It can also be used on mobile phones. Sage creates invoices, send and and accepts payments. The software is used in accounting, forecasting as well as maintaining receipts as received from various clients.

Kapture Hotel CRM Software

The Kapture software manages online booking of rooms so that clients can book rooms remotely. The hotel room keeping department is informed so that they keep the room clean ready for the client. A booked room cannot be taken by another client.

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