19 February, 2017

People often get confused when they hear about SAP ERP and think of it as a traditional database management system. But in reality SAP ERP has a completely different role in an organization than a traditional database software. SAP ERP is an enterprise resource planning software suite developed by SAP SE, Germany. SAP ERP has been specifically developed to handle business processes like Finances, Human Capital Management, Corporate Services and Business Operations.

SAP ERP is a middle-ware software application which is made up of modules which interfaces with a database to store and manipulate business related data. It even uses traditional database systems like Oracle DB as a database. Organizations use SAP ERP to allow employees, managers and experts to access the database for various business applications. Traditional database management systems on the other hand are more restrictive in giving access to users. DBMS systems like MySQL or PostgreSQL are used in more diverse environments and mostly by database administrators and security experts.

So, it can be concluded that traditional databases are just a part of a technology stack whereas SAP ERP is a full blown software suite which combines application and database to handle the business processes of an organization.

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